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Y a pas une loi au Canada que les DRL sont obligatoire? la police pourrait vous arrêter si ils s'appercoivent que vous n'avez plus de DRL. Par curiosité pourquoi désactivé les DRL?
Tu as tout à fait raison Xion, c'est illégal au Canada, si tu possèdes un véhicule de 1990 ou plus récent.

"Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 requires DRLs on all new vehicles made or imported after January 1, 1990. Canada's proposed DRL regulation was essentially similar to regulations in place in Scandinavia, with an axial luminous intensity limit of 1,500 candela, but automakers claimed it was too expensive to add a new front lighting device, and would increase warranty costs (by dint of increased bulb replacements) to run the low beams. After a pitched regulatory battle, the standard was rewritten to permit the use of reduced-voltage high beam headlamps producing up to 7,000 axial candela, as well as permitting any light color from white to amber or selective yellow. These changes to the regulation permitted automakers to implement a less costly DRL, such as by connecting the high beam filaments in series to supply each filament with half its rated voltage, or by burning the front turn signals full-time except when they are actually flashing as turn indicators"

Citation de Wikipédia en anglais:

L'autre question, pour quel raison voulons-nous les désactiver... Je ne sais pas... Zimlac on veut ta réponse!
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